Tengutana has entered the finalization process and the release date was set.
The game is planned to be released 26th Oct 16:00 CET.
Our website was updated adding more information, screenshots and release trailer. (
Don't forget to add Tengutana to your wish list.
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As we posted before, we will release a new game this october-november.

The name of the game is Tengutana.

It will be a virtual reality puzzle game.
The player needs to have a sharp eye and good aim as he will have to swing with katana and throw shurikens to solve the tasks at hand.

More info and trailer will follow as we get closer to the release date.

In the mean time you can visit our web page for more info :
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Most of VR players are returning from vacations around September. And they are hungry for some VR content.
Keep an eye out for early October, there might be a new cutlery available at the Steam store from our kitchen.

More info will follow.
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