Bartoš Studio is located in Trnava, Slovakia.

Our development studio is using the most recent technologies to achieve quality experiences for our audience.
Games are crafted with special focus on ease of use and intuitive controls. We make games that are fun to make and fun to play.

Bartoš Studio was estabelished in 2017 by Dalibor Bartoš, mostly known as DExUS.

Who are we?
Mgr. Dalibor Bartoš
Founder & CEO

Mr. Bartoš is active creator of vast amount of software tools for games and other pruposes since 2003.

Started his IT career in 2002 and has experience with hi-tech IT equipment and programming.
His applications like “Real Time Picture Convertor” or “UAC – Universal Anticheat” were and are used widely all over the world.
Teaching “Game development basics” at University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius since 2019

Most notable projects:
  • Bearly News (game) 1st place at Facts Game Jam 2024 – code & design  [more info]
  • T1R (That One Room) (game) 2nd & 3rd place at Brno Game Jam 2023 – code & design  [more info]
  • UniCon 2022 (online festival) [2022] – code & co-design  [more info]
  • 2085 Olympic Game (game) 2nd place at Trnava Game Jam 2021 [more info]
  • UniCon 2021 (online festival) [2021] – code & co-design  [more info]
  • FakeSpotting (game) [2020]code & design, 1st place at Bratislava Game Jam 2020 [more info]
  • Ur Game: The Game of Ancient Gods (game) [2020] – code & design, Won “Different view” & “Gamers choice at Sector.sk” awards at Game Days 2021 [more info
  • HRDINA (game) [2019] – PC game, code & design,  Won “Different view” award at Game Days 2020 [more info]
  • Anguis Gallinarium (game) [2019]code & design, 2nd place at Game Days Trnava [more info]
  • Econauts (game) [2019]code & design, 1st place at EcoInno SoLoMo Game jam [more info]
  • Comic Saloon (game) [2018] – virtual reality game, code & design , 1st place at Comics Salon 2018 [more info]
  • CO-OP (game) [2018] – virtual reality game, code & design. 3rd place at Fest Anča Game Jam 2018 [more info]
  • Unreal Sailboat Derby (game) [2018] – virtual reality game, code & design, 1st place at LAG2018 [more info]
  • EggTime 2 (game) [2018]- virtual reality game,  code, design, gfx, sound. [more info]
  • Tengutana (game) [2017] – virtual reality game, code & design [more info]
  • Hands of Justice (game) [2017] – virtual reality game, code & design [more info]
  • Jupiteration (game) [2017] – virtual reality game, code, design, gfx, sound. [more info]
  • Egg Time (game) [2016]- virtual reality game,  code, design, gfx, sound. [more info]
  • TEDI Games [2015-now] – founder and lead programmer of an independent game studio [tedigames.sk]
  • Sociopat 1,2,3 (game) [2014-2016] – creator of engine, graphics & sound [sociopat.sk]
  • Universal Anticheat [2006-2014] – creator & only programmer  [uac3.dexus5.com]
  • MiDEx Computer [2003-2007] – Founding member and later owner of a small hardware/software company
  • dexus5.com [2003-now] – Freeware software for any kind of use [dexus5.com]