Bartoš Studio s.r.o., is located in Trnava, Slovakia.

Our development studio is using the most recent technologies to achieve quality experiences for our audience.
Games are crafted with special focus on ease of use and intuitive controls.

Bartoš Studio s.r.o. was estabelished in 2016 by Dalibor Bartoš, mostly known as DExUS.

Who are we?

Dalibor Bartoš
Founder & CEO

Mr. Bartoš is active creator of software tools for games and other pruposes since 2003.

He has over 16 years of experience with hi-tech IT equipment and programming.
And over 18 years experience with hi-tech electronics.
Applications like “Real Time Picture Convertor” or UAC – Universal Anticheat were and are used widely all over the world.
Also proficient in programming Atmel/arm microcontrollers.

Most notable projects:

  • TEDI Games [2015-now] – founder and lead programmer of an independent game studio [tedigames.sk]
  • Egg Time (game) [2016]- virtual reality game available free on [steam]
  • Sociopat 1,2,3 (game) [2014-2016] – creator of engine, graphics & sound [sociopat.sk]
  • Universal Anticheat [2006-2014] – creator & only programmer  [uac3.dexus5.com]
  • MiDEx Computer [2003-2007] – Founding member and later owner of a small hardware/software company
  • dexus5.com [2003-now] – Freeware software for every kind of use [dexus5.com]

Juraj Mikula
3D /2D graphics

with cooperation of Juraj Mikula who is a game enthusiast and graphics designer.
Having over 5 year experience in the field of graphics. Co-founder of TEDI Games.
Interested in game cinematics and editing. Currently studying “Theory of Digital Games” at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava.



Most notable projects:

  • TEDI Games [2015-now] – founding member and lead graphics designer of an independent game studio [tedigames.sk]
  • Revenge of Yak Star (game) [2016] – working on ingame particle elements, graphic effects and draft of a level layout, the game won „Voice of the audience“ award at the LAG2016.
  • Sociopat 3  (game) [2016] – graphics [sociopat.sk]